European Semiconductor Distribution (DMASS) delivers exceptional summer quarter

EMEA semiconductor distribution grows by 63.8% in Q3/2010. All regions and product areas grow dynamically. 2010 is set be record year. Bookings start to return to normal levels.   

London, November 8, 2010 – 2010 continues to promise an all-time record in sales for European semiconductor distribution. According to DMASS (Distributors’ and Manufacturers’ Association of Semiconductor Specialists), Q3/2010 grew by 63.8% over Q3/2009 to 1.56 Billion Euro, an absolute record in DMASS history.

Georg Steinberger, re-elected Chairman of DMASS, summarised: “We are looking at a year of nearly 50% growth, which will over-compensate the downturn of 2008/2009 and exceed record sales of DMASS back in 2007. From a booking perspective, the situation seems to return to normal, but at an exceptionally high level. Availability has also improved slightly. The big question is what is going to happen after such a rollercoaster cycle. 2011 will definitely grow at a much more moderate pace.”

The regional differences within Q3/2010 were quite impressive. While Eastern European sales climbed 89%, Spain only grew 28%. Of the major regions, Germany grew fastest, by 68% to 551 Million Euro, followed by Italy with 65% (to 153 Million Euro) and the UK with 56% (to 138 Million Euro). Revenues in the Nordic region improved by 55% to 124 Million Euro. France trailed the overall development with an increase of “only” 47% to 109 Million Euro. The single highest growth occurred in Russia with 111%.

Georg Steinberger: “Two quarters above 60% growth have set a target for measuring regional performance. Germany now represents 35% of the total, in fact, together with Austria and Eastern Europe more than half of DMASS. In other words, the centre of gravity continues to move eastward. As already stated last quarter, all indicators suggest that in 2010 the DTAM will definitely grow faster than the total semiconductor market in Europe. 

From a product perspective, IGBTs grew fastest with 111%, followed by Other Memories (102%), Converters (88%), MOSFETs (85%), Microprocessors (83%), Analog Interface (79%) and Programmable Logic (78%). Traditional technologies like EPROMs and Other Power (Bipolar) grew at the slowest pace.

Georg Steinberger concludes: “The strong over-proportional growth in Analog, Programmable Logic and Power shows that distribution in the meantime has turned into a design-driven business.”

DMASS (Distributors’ and Manufacturers’ Association of Semiconductor Specialists), a European non-profit organisation, is the only industry body that collates detailed semiconductor distribution market data on a quarterly basis by country and product groups such as microcontrollers, flash memories, analog components and many more. DMASS figures are collected and consolidated by Data Dynamics Ltd.

DMASS, founded in 1989, provides its members with a reliable statistical tool to evaluate their relative mass-market performance. The organisation currently consists of 35 active members and represents between 80% and 85% of the total European distribution market, depending on the regions. To continuously increase its European market coverage, DMASS welcomes new membership applications from distributors and semiconductor manufacturers.