European Semiconductor Distribution (DMASS)
Continues Growth at Slower Pace

European semiconductor distribution grows by 13.2% in Q2/2011. Regional and product split varies significantly. 

London, August 19, 2011 – The European Semiconductor Market enjoyed a healthy, although slower growth in Q2/2011. DMASS (Distributors’ and Manufacturers’ Association of Semiconductor Specialists), reported a 13.2% growth to 1.71 Billion Euro compared to Q2/2010. The first half of 2011 ended at 3.52 Billion Euro (+22.8%).

Georg Steinberger, permanent chairman of DMASS, commented on the results: “It is apparent that distribution is coming back to a more moderate path after several quarters of dynamic growth and allocation. With almost 23% growth for the first half of 2011 and a record result, the outlook for the total year is still very positive. Some macro-economic effects can certainly change the course of the second half and infuse more caution into the overall market behaviour.”

From a regional perspective, the growth lies in Central and East. Eastern Europe again grew strongest, by 31.1% to 241 Million Euro. For Germany DMASS reported 21.1% growth to 603 Million Euro. Italy grew by 10.3% to 183 Million Euro, the UK by 6.3% to 138 Million Euro and France by 3.3% to 122 Million Euro. The only other country besides Eastern Europe and Germany that grew over-proportionally was Switzerland (18.7%). The Nordic Region went down by 3.2%, mainly driven by a sharp decline in Sweden.

Georg Steinberger: “No difference to what we have seen for a few years, Eastern Europe has become the growth driver, primarily through production transfer, with the exception of Russia, which seems to experience its own growth dynamics.”

For the major product areas, DMASS reported over-proportional growth in Flash Memories (25.6%), MCUs (23.5%), Power (22.7%), Other Logic (21.6%), Standard Analog (16.4%) and Small Signal (15.3%). Declining areas were Programmable Logic (-3.1%), DSPs (-3.7%) and DRAMs (-10.5%).

Georg Steinberger concludes: “From a product perspective, it again shows that Distribution gains pace in design-intensive areas like Power, Analog and MCUs and becomes less dependent on either singular technologies or commodities.”

DMASS (Distributors’ and Manufacturers’ Association of Semiconductor Specialists), a European non-profit organisation, is the only industry body that collates detailed semiconductor distribution market data on a quarterly basis by country and product groups such as microcontrollers, flash memories, analog components and many more. DMASS figures are collected and consolidated by Data Dynamics Ltd.

DMASS, founded in 1989, provides its members with a reliable statistical tool to evaluate their relative mass-market performance. The organisation currently consists of 36 active members and represents between 80% and 85% of the total European distribution market, depending on the regions. To continuously increase its European market coverage, DMASS welcomes new membership applications from distributors and semiconductor manufacturers.